Top 5 Universities in Germany to study Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of engineering, physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems.


Since the beginning of 2009, Clausthal University of Technology has been a member of Niedersächsische Technische Hochschule, NTH. Combining the engineering and scientific expertise of Lower Saxony, the University is part of the best technical universities in Germany. Research and education at Clausthal University of Technology are currently focused on Energy and Raw Materials, Natural Science and Materials Science, Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering.


U Braunschweig is the oldest institute of technology in Germany: the cornerstone of our modern university was already laid in the year 1745 with the Collegium Carolinum. The bachelor degree course Mechanical Engineering was established in the winter semester 2008/09. The professionalization modules include a non-technical optional module (4 credits) and the project report (6 credits). The interdisciplinary project work is done in teams and is particularly intended to help the students develop the following skills: development, implementation and presentation of concepts as well as preparation and formulation of results in teams.


The research interests of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg focus on environment, construction, energy, material and information and communication technology. And thus BTU claims: We live Science. The creation of key technologies through innovation as well as the creation of knowledge through research and education is decisive factors in a global market. It has been highlighted by the European Commissioner for Science and Research, which it will be necessary to develop strong regional poles of research, innovation and education, which are intensively linked to regional as well as to global economic aspects.


Following a merger of the existing Technical University, the Teacher Training College and the Medical School in the 1993, the University of Magdeburg is one of the youngest Universities in the state. In order to satisfy the challenges arising in a modern information society, the EIT offers a broad range of modern and interdisciplinary program of study, some of which are conducted in close cooperation with the other faculties at Otto von Guericke University and which open up excellent career prospects to our students. In addition, mechanical engineering in Magdeburg stands for research strength and innovative projects.


The RWTH Aachen found in 1880, has a long lasting tradition of excellent education comprised of nine faculties among which, the Faculty of Engineering. The coverage of the RWTH Aachen engineering studies corresponds with the idea of expanding the electrical engineering potential. Students receive intensive basic studies – the mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering education cannot be beat within Germany. Students begin their studies focusing on focus on mathematics, computer science, and the elementary stage of electrical engineering. The Basics continue for three to four semesters. The curriculum is quite mathematically challenging to ease up their way towards the essentials of technical principles and structural concepts.

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There are over 380 officially recognized universities throughout Germany, and they offer a total of over 17,000 study programmes.