South Korea is becoming a new option and favorite destination for students

Being a Number 1 education system of the world south korea is becoming a new option for indian students those seeking quality education with affordable fee structure . Shorlorships are availabe for students on  merit based .  South Korea provides an opportunity for students  to work 20hrs/week and support themselves while studying . Since 2012 more than 300 students have choosen South Korea as their study abroad destination and numbers are growing  day by day . Its a best option for students those are refused from other countries like  Canada , USA , UK , Newzealand , Australia and Europe . Students those have 5.5 bands in Ielts can apply with Confirmation of Visa. For more details you can book your appointment with our staff and we would love to guide you in best of our capabilites . We are looking forward to see you !!!

Germany is a one time investment for students

Germany is a best option for those students who are  seeking career first not a Visa !!! Being an Indian you are FREE to pursue your dream to enroll Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. Studies in Germany, in the same manner as nationals of other world countries. Germany offers Free education to deserving students from all around the world . Its a one time investment and Germany provides you an opportunity to  build your career because we believe education always transforms one being , it always makes you a great human being , you become a contributor to the society if you get a quality education and germany is the place where you get quality education at affordable price .

There are over 380 officially recognized universities throughout Germany, and they offer a total of over 17,000 study programmes.

Six Best Universities in Germany for computer Science :

In Germany, computer sciences are one of the most desired fields of studies among students, native and international. First and foremost, regarding the international students who choose Germany as their final destination, this country hosts a terrific employment market on the field of computer sciences in constant pursuit of educated professionals. According to Zeit Onlines criteria for choosing the best German Universities for the year 2013/2014 in this specific domain, including an international friendly approach, up-to-date infrastructure and practical relevance of the courses in the future there are several Universities in different parts of the country that provide excellent conditions matching the circumstances. As computer sciences in this century are broadening their horizons aiming innovation and creative thinking, Universities allegedly shall prepare their students for problem solving and integrating different subfields into a composition. However, as Zeit Online reveals, Universities in Germany seem to lack these certain criteria based on the research conducted by Zeit Online with the students and professors of German Universities. Based on the following criteria, more or less, I came up with a list of top six German Universities to study computer sciences.

Jacobs University Bremen

The Computer Science (CS) program at Jacobs University provides a first class education which focuses on the understanding of these principles and how they are applied in practice. Computer Science is a challenging and fascinating discipline with ample job opportunities. Almost all modern goods either directly incorporate computer systems or information technologies drive the manufacturing process. While computer technologies come and go at a fast pace, there are a number of fundamental principles underlying those technologies.


Hasso-Plattner-Inst. Potsdam

The Hasso Plattner Institute opened its doors to students in the winter term of 1999/2000. It is the only university institute in Germany that offers an undergraduate (bachelor) and a graduate (master) course of study in IT-Systems Engineering. Students acquire the knowledge to conceptualize, develop and implement large, highly complex and cross-linked IT systems. The bachelor and master degree courses are designed for highly talented young people who are looking for an innovative, practice- and engineering-oriented computer science studies at a university level.

The institute’s special characteristics are its engineering orientation, the teaching of soft skills and the early intensive integration of industrial projects into the studies.



ULM University

The University of Ulm is chronologically the ninth in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The Faculty of engineering and computer sciences has broadened its subjects as well: in addition to the departments of engineering and computer science.

The combination of these three subjects may appear unusual at first glance, but it is exactly what gives the Faculty its strong and unique character. Innovative technology demands modern software and hardware solutions, which includes taking into account the person who will be handling the technology. It goes the other way as well: human patterns of thought and behavior can inspire ideas for innovative technological mechanisms and algorithms. Current successful projects demonstrate how new fields of research arise when these three subjects come together.

Rwth Aachen

The RWTH Aachen found in 1880, has a long lasting tradition of excellent education comprised of nine faculties among which, the Faculty of Engineering. The coverage of the RWTH Aachen engineering studies corresponds with the idea of expanding the electrical engineering potential. Students receive intensive basic studies – the mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering education cannot be beat within Germany. Students begin their studies focusing on focus on mathematics, computer science, and the elementary stage of electrical engineering. The Basics continue for three to four semesters. The curriculum is quite mathematically challenging to ease up their way towards the essentials of technical principles and structural concepts.

Passau University

Idyllically situated on the banks of the River Inn, on a green campus, on the fringes of the Passau Old Town, lies the newest university in Bavaria. Since being founded in 1978 it has developed into one of the best academic addresses in Germany as regularly confirmed in the rankings: in Computer Science, Economics, Law, and International Cultural and Business Studies, Passau is one of the top German universities. Computer Science is a special tip: excellent academic staff provide intensive supervision of the highest academic standard. Innovative teaching concepts as, for example in the teacher training courses and in theology complete the picture. All five faculties are superbly equipped, intercultural orientation, and performance and practice related. Their special strength lies in the interdisciplinary interlinking of research and studies.


TU Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern is one of the largest IT locations in Germany with the Department of Computer Science forming its core. Since the department was founded in 1974 three renowned research institutes have evolved from its successful international work. With 24 professors the department covers all areas of computer science and can embrace the importance of computer science as a key skill for virtually all sciences at the TU. The department can also take on the central role of computer science research and development in Kaiserslautern in the future. As far as teaching is concerned, the department attaches particular value to excellent mentoring, a good partnership with the students and high quality lectures and seminars.